Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

9.8.1620 (Wednesday 9 August 1620)

document 33701146

and also at this court it is shown by the homage that Robt Aymes late customary tenant of this same manor after the last court and before this court died who before his death surrendered into the hands of the lord of the aforesaid manor by the hands of Sam Keyes instead of the bailiff in the presence of Wm Stephens gentleman and Thos Hales two customary tenants of this manor the same testifying according to the custom of the aforesaid manor all his customary lands held of this same manor lying in Markshall to the use and behoof of his last will by which last will produced here in court and shown approved under the official seal bearing the date 30.4.1620 it was shown that the aforesaid Robt Aymes gave and bequeathed among other things two crofts of land and a certain way pertaining from ancient times to one of the aforesaid crofts lying in Markshall held of the aforesaid manor by copy of a court roll in the following manner and form the tenor of which same said last will concerning the premises in the following english words item I give and bequeath unto Dorothy my wife all my lands and tenements lying in Markshall and Feering with all the lands meadows pastures and all other yards orchards barns stables and backsides thereunto belonging with all and singular the appurtenances being all in my own occupation to have and to hold the same unto my said wife until the michaelmas twelve months next after my decease and after my wife's said time appointed I do give the said lands and tenements with all and singular the appurtenances unto Dan Ames my son and to his heirs forever upon which to this court came both the aforesaid Dorothy Aymes and the aforesaid Dan and humbly sought from the lord admittance to the aforesaid crofts of land and way with appurtenances according to the effect of the aforesaid last will viz to hold to the aforesaid Dorothy until the end of the feast of michaelmas which shall be in the year 1621 and after the aforesaid term then the remainder thereof to the aforesaid Dan Aymes and his heirs forever to whom the lord by his aforesaid steward granted thereof seisin to them to hold in the manner and aforesaid form from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the aforesaid manor by the rent so 5s6d and other services thereunto belonging and by right accustomed and they gave to the lord their fine for their separate estates and made fealty and were admitted thereof tenants of the lord