Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

15.10.1624 (Friday 15 October 1624)

document 33801800

at this court Jn Parker bailiff of the aforesaid manor produced here in court a certain precept to the aforesaid bailiff delivered by the aforesaid steward at the last court here held for the aforesaid manor the tenor of which same said precept in the following english words Colne Priory Thos Cole esq steward of the said manor to the bailiff there greetings whereas at the leet and court baron holden for the said manor upon this present day viz 26.5. instant it is found by the homage of the said court that Barth Church who lately held to him and his heirs of the lord of this manor by copy of court roll of the same manor one parcel of a garden sometime of Robt Pierson one tenement with a garden adjoining called Mugges alias Princes situated in Colne Church St one tenement with a garden adjoining called Tredgolds lying in Colne St with a croft of land next adjoining called Grapnells with a certain way on the west side of the said tenement to the said croft one croft of land containing 3r now called Crosse Field and one parcel or croft of land called Sandpitt Croft containing by estimation 2a2r he the said Barth so being seised of the said customary lands and tenements hath committed felony by the killing of a man and did fly upon it whereupon he was by an inquest taken by the coroner of the county of Suffolk found guilty of felony and murder and is now for the said offence attainted by outlawry at the suit of the king majesty these therefore are to will and require you forthwith in the name of the lord of the said manor to enter into all the said customary lands and tenements whereof the said Barth Church was seised at the time of the said felony committed and the same to seize into the said lord's hands and the rents issues and profits thereof to receive and take to the use of the lord of the said manor as land forfeited unto him by escheat by reason of the said felony and attainder and the said rents issues and profits to answer unto the lord upon your account and to be at the next court to be holden for the said manor to return what you shall have done in the premises and to bring with you this precept and this shall be your sufficient warrant and discharge in that behalf sealed with my seal dated at Earls Colne the said 27.5.1624 by me Thos Cole steward of the aforesaid manor and the same said bailiff now returned to this court having carried out everything by the aforesaid precept and that he himself by virtue of the same said precept of 30.5.1624 seized into the hands of the lord of the aforesaid manor all customary lands and tenements late of the said Barth Church held of the aforesaid manor according to the orders of the same said precept