Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr22)

18.1.1649 (Thursday 18 January 1649)

document 34701260

whereas at a court here held 28.12.1641 Wm Sparrowe was admitted tenant of the lord for himself and his heirs to one messuage called Gurnies and to certain lands called Gurnies Fenn and to certain lands called Melfield customary lying in Sibil Henningham and Castle Henningham as by the roll of the court it appears now at this court it appears to the homage that after the last general court viz 23.3.1648 the aforesaid Wm Sparrowe surrendered into the hands of the lord by the hands (sic) and in the presence of Edw Finch and Thos Coe two customary tenants of the aforesaid manor here testifying etc the aforesaid messuage and other premises by the name of all his customary lands and hereditaments with appurtenances held of the manor aforesaid to the use and intention in his last will and after and before this court the aforesaid Wm Sparrowe died so seised now at this court came Joan Higham widow mother of the said Wm and produced here in court testamentary letters of the said Wm under the seal of the prerogative court signed and approved and bearing date 25.3.1648 the tenor of which concerning the premises in the following words item I give and bequeath to Jn my son and to the heirs of his body begotten all my lands tenements and hereditaments situate and being in Sible Heningham and Castle Heningham or in one of them and if it happen that my said son die without heirs of his body lawfully begotten then I will the said lands tenements and hereditaments to Wm my son and to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten and for default of such issue to my right heirs forever as appears by the testamentary letters upon which the lord of the manor aforesaid by the steward aforesaid granted and delivered to the said Jn Sparrowe by the hands of the said Joan Higham his deputy and attorney seisin of the premises by the rod to have and to hold the aforesaid messuage and other premises with the aforesaid appurtenances to Jn Sparrowe and the heirs of his body legitimately procreated of the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the manor aforesaid by the rents services and customs before due and of right accustomed and he gave to the lord the fine and because the aforesaid Jn is under age viz aged 4yrs or thereabouts therefore custody of the body of the said Jn and of the tenement aforesaid were granted and delivered by the rod to the aforesaid Joan Higham as executor of the testament of the said Wm Sparrowe to hold to herself and her assigns until the said Jn reaches the full age of twenty one years as expressed and intended by the last will aforesaid and for the custody the aforesaid Joan gave the lord a fine and made fealty to the lord and afterwards the lord present in court granted to the said Joan licence to let to farm all and singular the premises and any parcel thereof to such person as she please for and during the minority of the said Jn and for such a licence she gave the lord her fine