Colne Priory Manor: Index of Admissions (ERO D/DPr43)

21.3.12Wm3 (Wednesday 21 March 1700)

document 35902017

Mary Godwin in pursuance of the will and surrender of Edw Ingram her grandfather to the moiety of one croft of land with a garden enclosed called Malloryes upon which said croft a messuage is erected and also to the moiety of two other crofts of land containing by estimation 5a more or less and of two crofts of land lying between Milles Fenn and the brook containing 5a more or less and of two crofts of land one of which lies near Sandhills containing by estimation 4a and the other was late parcel of Milles Fenn which said moiety is holden of the said manor by the rent of 8s10d1h etc to hold to the said Mary and the heirs of her body remainder to her sisters Ann Penelope and Agnes Godwin and the heirs of their bodies etc
Ann Crow 1682 Jn Crow 1691 Edw Ingram 1693