Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr25)

20.4.1702 (Monday 20 April 1702)

document 36000252

at a court held 1.9.1675 Jn Sarjant clerk was admitted to all those parcels of land called Priestland and Dagnall Hill lying together and containing 24a lying in Earls Colne and at the same court he surrendered the premises to the use of his last will now at this court it appeared that the said Jn lately died seised upon which here in court Susanna Sarjant one of the daughters of the said Jn and showed his will dated 15.3.1698 the tenor concerning the premises in the following words item I give and bequeath unto my daughter Susanna Sarjant and her heirs forever all those my copyhold lands and tenements holden of the manor of Colne Priory and late in the occupation of Wm Fossett or his assigns and which I sometime had and purchased of Jn Morley and his wife upon condition that my said daughter Susanna her heirs and assigns shall and do well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto my daughter Joan the wife of Joshua Sparrowe the sum of 40li of lawful money of England that is to say 20li within one year after my decease and 20li within two years next after my decease and in case my said daughter Susanna or her heirs shall refuse or neglect to pay the said 40li unto my said daughter Joan Sparrow or any part thereof contrary to the true intent and meaning of this my will then my mind and will is that my said daughter Joan or her assigns shall enter into and upon the lands and premises herein before given to my said daughter Susanna and the same shall hold and enjoy till the said 40li with the interest thereof from the time the same ought to have been paid shall be fully satisfied and paid together with such charges as she shall be put unto for the recovery thereof but my mind and will further is that in case my said son Jn Sarjant shall come over from beyond the seas within five years after my decease as aforesaid then that my daughter Susanna her heirs or assigns shall of the said lands and premises herein before given to her well and truly pay or cause to be paid unto my daughter Mary 20li of lawful money of England with condition of entry in case of non payment and the said Susanna was admitted etc and gave fine and fealty was respited