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Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr25)

25.7.1705 (Wednesday 25 July 1705)

document 36000818

at a court held 19.10.1680 Jn Grimston was admitted for life the remainder after his death to Mary his wife for her life and after her death to the heirs of the body of the said Jn on the body of the said Mary procreated or to the uses limited in the will of the said Jn and for default to the right heirs of the said Jn forever to eight crofts or parcels of land called Moore Land containing 40a now at this court came the said Jn Grimston and Mary she solely examined and consenting and surrendered the said premises and all their customary lands held of this manor to the use of Edm Harrington his heirs and assigns forever who present was admitted etc and the fine was pardoned and after the admittance came Solomon Grimston gentleman and complained against the said Edm Harrington in a plea of land etc who brought to warrant Jn Grimston and Mary his wife etc who brought to warrant Wm King etc and Solomon Grimston recovered against Wm King etc and Jn Payne bailiff of the manor delivered seisin to him etc and after came the said Solomon Grimston and Edm Harrington and surrendered the premises in the form of the said recovery to the use of the said Jn Grimston and his heirs forever who was admitted etc and the fine pardoned