Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr26)

11.4.1721 (Tuesday 11 April 1721)

document 36300847

at this court it appeared that Thos Hales senior out of court 10.6.1720 surrendered by the hands of Solomon Grimston deputy steward one close of land commonly called Stonefield containing 4a parcel of a field called Bomefield to which premises the said Thos was admitted 16.10.1673 with a way through Bomefield etc to the use of the said Thos and his heirs until the solemnisation of the marriage between Thos Hales junior son of the said Thos and Mary Osborne one of the daughters of Edm Osborne of Earls Colne and after the solemnisation then to the use of the said Thos Hales senior for life and after his death to the use of Thos Hales junior for his life and after his death to the use of Mary Osborne for her life and after their deaths to the use of the heirs of the body of Thos Hales junior on Mary Osborne and for defect of heirs then to the heirs of Thos Hales senior forever and the homage present that the said marriage has been solemnised and at this court none came etc therefore first proclamation made etc