Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr26)

18.4.1727 (Tuesday 18 April 1727)

document 36400900

at a court held 6.11.1679 it appeared that Jn Rowning late of Hedingham Sible surrendered all his lands and tenements held of this manor by court roll to the use of his last will and at a court held 28.3.1715 Eliz Rowning widow and relict of the said Jn was admitted according to the tenor of his will to one messuage called Gurnies and to certain lands called Gurnies Fenn and Millfield in Hedingham Sible and Hedingham Castle now at this court it appeared that the said Eliz died about the last court upon which came Mark Algar of Lavenham clothier and showed the last will of the said Jn Rowning dated 24.4.1710 the tenor concerning the premises as follows viz item I give and bequeath to Eliz my beloved wife the house in which I now dwell with my tanyard and all the buildings and outhouses thereunto belonging and all my copyhold lands whatsoever during the term of her life in full satisfaction of her jointure or dowry together with the use of the stock of hop poles leaving them of the same value she finds them and after her decease I give and devise the said house tanyard outhouses copyhold land and stock of hop poles to my cousin Jn Rowning and to his heirs forever he the said Jn Rowning paying out of the same unto my cousin Mark Algar the sum of 100li within two years after my wife's decease at two equal yearly payments and paying also to my sister Rebecca Algar the yearly sum of 4li during the term of her natural life at four quarterly payments the first to begin three months after my wife's decease and for want of the said payments or any part of them my mind and will is that the said Mark Algar and Rebecca Algar or either of them shall and may enter upon my dwelling house tanyard lands and premises to have hold occupy and enjoy the same or any part of them till his her or their legacy be fully satisfied contented and paid together with the sum of 10li for the trouble of this entry but if my cousin Jn Rowning shall depart this life before my wife without lawful issue surviving him then I give and devise the said house tanyard copyhold lands and premises to my cousin Mark Algar and to his heirs forever upon condition that he pays my sister Algar the above mentioned yearly sum of 4li in manner aforesaid together with the sum of 40s per annum from my wife's decease to my cousin Rebecca the wife of Thos Hale by like quarterly payments during her natural life and upon this the said Mark was admitted etc on the conditions mentioned in the will and gave fine etc