Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr27)

30.4.1729 (Wednesday 30 April 1729)

document 36500578

and afterwards Francis Sibley of London dyer and the said Dorothy his wife Thos Everett junior of Great Coggeshall weaver and the said Judith his wife and the said Ruth Elliston and Eliz Elliston came and surrendered the said Dorothy Judith Ruth and Eliz (sic) solely examined and consenting all their four parts into five parts equally divided of the said messuage etc to the use of Geo Brook gentleman his heirs and assigns forever who was admitted etc and after came Solomon Grimston gentleman and complained against the said Geo of a plea of land viz of four parts into five equally divided of a messuage one barn two gardens 35a of land 3a of meadow 5a of pasture and 3a of wood with appurtenances within manor aforesaid etc and the said Geo appeared etc and called to warrant Francis and Dorothy Thos and Judith Ruth and Eliz and the said Solomon petitioned against them and they brought to warrant Dan Cobb and the said Solomon recovered against Dan Cobb and Isaac Potter bailiff and minister of this court delivered seisin etc and after the said Geo Francis Dorothy Thos Judith Ruth and Eliz surrendered all their interests etc and after the said Solomon surrendered the premises to the use of Dorothy Sibley Judith Everett Ruth Elliston and Eliz Elliston and their heirs as tenants in common and they were admitted etc