Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr27)

21.4.1732 (Friday 21 April 1732)

document 36600159

at a court held 11.4.1721 it appeared that Thos Hales senior on 10.6.1720 surrendered by the hands of Solomon Grimston deputy steward one close of land called Stonefield containing 4a parcel of land called Bomefields with a free way through Bomefields to the use of the said Thos for life and after his death to the use of Thos Hales junior for the term of his life with remainders as shown etc now at this court it appeared that the said Thos Hales senior died about the last court upon which came Thos Hales junior and was admitted etc for the term of his life and gave fine etc