Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr29)

30.11.1741 (Monday 30 November 1741)

document 36900956

also at this court found that on 29.10.last Thos Hales surrendered by the hands of Rich Wale gentleman instead of the bailiff in the presence of Sam Burton and Jn Harvey all that field called Middlefield abutting south on the field of Jn Newton's of Earls Colne gentleman and all that field called Longfield also abutting south on a field of the said Jn Newton and all that croft adjoining the said field called Middlefield and abutting north on a chaseway and all those two closes of land the one commonly called The Greatfield and the other called The Fe nn all which premises contain 16a being parcel of lands called Boomfield lying in Earls Colne then in the tenure or occupation of the said Thos Hales and also all other copyhold lands of the said Thos Hales except Stonefield with their appurtenances to the only use of Jn Newton of Earls Colne provided always and upon condition that if the said Thos Hales his heirs etc pay unto Jn Newton his executors etc at or in the now dwelling house of the said Jn in Earls Colne the full sum of 90li with legal interest on without any deduction etc then surrender void