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Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr30)

6.12.1742 (Wednesday 6 December 1742)

document 37000356

whereas at a court held 6.3.1738 it was found that on 18.8.1737 that Wm Willis and Mary his wife she the said Mary solely examined by Solomon Grimston deputy steward and consenting surrendered all that their customary messuage or tenement called Dedmans otherwise Debenhams and 50a of land to the same belonging in Earls Colne to the use of Joseph Lea of Goswell Street London mealman since deceased his heirs and assigns forever redeemable on the payment of 410li on 19.2.1738 and whereas at a court held monday 8.11.last it was found that the said Wm Willis and Mary his wife were both dead and because none came etc therefore proclamation made etc and whereas there is now due and owing to Mary Lea widow and executrix of the said Joseph Lea deceased the sum of 46614s6d by reason whereof the premises aforesaid are in law become absolutely vested in Joseph Lea an infant aged 19yrs or thereabouts eldest son of the said Joseph Lea deceased now at this court cometh the said Joseph Lea the son by Thos Docwra of Kelveden gentleman as his attorney and was admitted etc to hold to him and his heirs in trust nevertheless for the said Mary Lea executrix of the said Joseph Lea deceased her executors etc by the yearly rent of 16s etc and he gave fine etc saving the mortgagers heirs right to the equity of redemption