Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr30)

15.8.1743 (Monday 15 August 1743)

document 37000950

whereas at a court held 18.4.last it was found that Edw Finch died sometime since seised of 1a of copyhold land part of a field or parcel of land called The Millfield as it was sometime divided lying between the land sometime of Edw Alliston clothier being parcel of the said Millfield towards the east and the other part of the said Millfield sometime in the tenure of Barth Haywood towards the west unto which the said Edw was admitted 1666 and that Joseph Finch was his grandson and next heir and because none came therefore proclamation made and first default recorded and whereas at the last court another proclamation was made because none came etc therefore the second default was recorded now at this court cometh the said Joseph Finch and was admitted etc to hold by the ancient rent of 18d etc and he gave fine etc