Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr30)

19.11.1744 (Monday 19 November 1744)

document 37100460

whereas at a court held 6.1.1724 Ann Mortimer widow was admitted by the name of Ann Alderton spinster to all that customary messuage or tenement and eight parcels of land meadow and pasture called Loshes and Foulmead containing 30a then in the tenure of Wm Dodd or his assigns with their appurtenances to hold to her and her heirs after the death of Jn Haines who was also admitted at the same time tenant of the said premises for life and that immediately after her admission she surrendered the same to the use of her last will now at this court found by the homage that the said Ann Mortimer died since the last court seised of the said messuage lands and premises and that the said Jn Haines is also dead and whereas the said Ann Mortimer widow did in her last will bearing date 6.8.1741 give and devise all her copyhold lands and premises situate in Earls Colne White Colne and elsewhere unto Edw Green of the Middle Temple esq and mr Jn Baker of Spittle Fields their heirs etc in trust that they should receive the rents and profits of the said estate and apply the same and every part thereof to the maintenance and education of her two children Thos and Ann Mortimer in such manner as the same would allow until their respective ages of twenty one years and from and immediately after that time give and devises the same and every part thereof to her said children Thos and Ann Mortimer their heirs and assigns forever as tenants in common and not as joint tenants but in case both her said children should died before their ages of twenty one years then gives and devises all the premises unto the said Edw Green of Middle Temple London esq his heirs forever paying unto her brother Amos Alderton during the term of his life the sum of 20li a year by quarterly payments whereupon came the said Jn Baker the only acting trustee by Rich Wale gentleman his attorney and was admitted to the said lands now in the tenure of Rich Wilkin and held by the annual rent of 1li7s and gave fine etc