Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr19)

28.5.1548 (Monday 28 May 1548)

document 53600952

to this court came Wm Thurstone chaplin cousin and next heir of Jn Buttler alias Fonts deceased and in full court remised released and in every way quitclaimed for himself and his heirs forever to Barth Chyrch and his heirs in his full and peaceful possession being all his right estate title claim interest and demand which at any time he had or at any time in the future he should have of and in one tenement with garden adjoining called Tredgolds lying in Colne St sometime of Jn Butler and at one time in the tenure of Jn Barnabe shoemaker as by the metes and bounds etc thus viz that neither he himself the aforesaid Wm nor his heirs nor any of them or himself nor anyone should be able to demand claim or as k for any right estate title claim interest and demand of and in the said tenement with garden adjoining nor in any part thereof from the rest or ought to in the future but by these presents should be entirely free from all claims and rights forever