Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr19)

2.6.1550 (Monday 2 June 1550)

document 53602202

to this court came Ann Ashfeld and in full court showed a copy bearing the date monday in the week of pentecost 1Hen8 by which it is shown that a certain Robt Turnebull and Matilda his wife surrendered into the hands of the lord one croft of land called Tredgolds alias Glasyers and one parcel of land lying on the western boundary of Brokhole to the use and behoof of Walt Wyngfeld father of the said Ann and his heirs and thereupon the said Ann sought admittance to the said premises to whom admittance until then had been respited by this that a certain Wm Siday showed to the lord of this manor a certain bill of petition as the title of the said land with appurtenances and therefore the admittance of Ann herself was respited until the said matter was put before the lord and by his judgement it was seen and determined and at this day's court it was given by the homage to be the best investigation in which the said Jn Wyngfeld held and occupied divers lands and tenements called Sonnells which are judged to be customary lands of this manor or lands at the pleasure of the lord etc