Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr19)

29.5.1553 (Monday 29 May 1553)

document 53701162

it is shown by the homage that Jn Pottyar who held for himself his heirs and assigns from the lord as of this manor by the rod etc one grove of wood being in White Colne called Mochreding with the underwood in the same which is already growing as by the metes and bounds etc died after the last court further seised of and in the said grove of wood and other premises with appurtenances in his demesne as of fee according to the custom of the manor etc and it is said further that Robt Pottyar is son of the said Jn Pottyar and next heir thereof and he should have the right to the premises with appurtenances who present in court came and sought admittance thereof and because thus it was shown by the homage therefore he was admitted thereof tenant of the lord to whom by the steward the lord delivered thereof seisin to hold for himself his heirs and assigns by the rod from the lord etc and he gave etc and he made etc
fine 3s