Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr20)

1.6.1556 (Monday 1 June 1556)

document 53800158

it is shown by the homage that Edw Allen who jointly held together with Joan his wife for their lifetimes and to the heirs of Edw himself one tenement or cottage with rentery and garden adjoining called Ruffles and a certain piece of land with a well in the same late parcel of Barmead containing by estimation 2r of land lying on the eastern part of the said cottage and enclosed with pales as by etc out of court and after the last court being upon his death bed surrendered into the hands of the lord by the hands of Lewis Jegon instead of the bailiff in the presence of Geo Byston Jn Pennocke and Jn Culverton tenants of the lord and the same testifying the said rentery tenement or cottage and other premises with appurtenances when they should occur by and after the death of the said Joan his wife to the use and behoof of Robt Allen his son and his heirs and assigns upon the following condition namely that if the said Robt his heirs or assigns should pay or cause to be paid divers sums of money according to the tenor form and effect of the last will of the said Edw Allen deceased that then this present surrender and seisin thereof should stand freely in all its force and should remain in effect otherwise it should be void and have no force who the same said Robt present in court came and sought admittance thereof and because it was thus shown by the homage therefore he was admitted thereof tenant of the lord to whom by the steward the lord delivered thereof seisin to hold for himself his heirs and assigns from the lord by the rod etc upon the above written conditions etc and he gave the lord his fine etc
fine 9s and made fealty to the lord