Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr20)

6.6.1558 (Monday 6 June 1558)

document 53801527

to this court came Joan Eastaye widow late wife of Jn Estaye deceased for a certain sum of money remaining to be paid to her by Jn Parker and in full court surrendered remitted released and quitclaimed all demands for herself and her heirs forever to Jn Parker and his heirs being in his full and peaceful possession all her right estate title claim interest and demand she has ever had will have or whatsoever in the future she may have or her heirs may have of and in her third part of a parcel of land called Pristland and Dagnallhill containing by estimation 22a of land at least lying and being in the said Colne as by the metes and bounds etc which she claimed as heir by name her widow's portion by and after the death of the said Jn her late husband deceased thus namely that neither she herself the aforesaid Joan nor her heirs nor any others for her or in her name should or should be able in the future to demand claim or ask for any right title claim interest of demand of and in the said third part of the divers parcels of the rest of the land but should give up all right thereof and by these presents be excluded forever and the said Joan gave to the lord for a fine for such release to be enrolled as is shown in the margin
fine 5s