Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1640 (1640)

document 70000035

[and] so also on. Jan: 1. Newyears day: at night invited to supper to Goodman Gaynes : I went in to call Goodwife shepherd and there my Jane being I stayed with her, which was our first proposal of the match one to another, which wrought a mutual promise one to another Jan: 23: and by all our consents a Contract: Sept. 28. 1640: and our marriage. October. 28. following: Now henceforward I preached once a fortnight and Mr Gifford gave me 10s. per quarter more out of his love for my pains. here I lived with them very comfortably and contentedly we used Shovelboard for our recreation of which I grew weary presently: about latter end of Feb: I was ordained minister at Peterburg by the Bishop and 6. ministers: I would not bow towards the Altar as others did and some followed my example charges amounted to: 1li.6s.10d. [1640.] that spring I went up to Cambridge to visit for my degree of Mr in arts as our custom was: charges there and for my gown and Cassock amounted to: 19li.18s. and somewhat upwards: this was a hard pull, from thence I went to Norfolk, and coming home to preach at Olny fair floods were so great as I narrowly escaped drowning in divers places. I hope I shall nev[er] been unmindful of gods goodness to me in my preservation. Likewise at Olny mighty [stone] fell from a chimney into a place where I walked presently as soon as I was passed by. now being Mr of Arts and minister I began to think of marrying being sure to my wife: but I could not see any convenience how to live, beginning of July I was at Cranham in Essex and preached there 2 sermons: 2 Pet: 3: ult: about growing in grace; my uncle and all the Town desired me to live with them, and I seemed not much against it: to olny I returned: and having had some offers from my Lord Mandevill which I dared not accept in case I should lose myself in a loose Family, I repaired to Kimbolton thence to try providence but neither time fitting me, I resolved it was not gods pleasure to raise me that way. I sought him for direction and about August I was continually persuaded that in 3 months god would lay out a way for my livelihood: one day in September setting apart in private to seek unto god his direction, as I ended prayer god persuaded me I should have a present answer of my desire, as I stood up at window I heard one inquire for me. I went down and it was one sent from Cranham to entreat me to live with them. his name was Goodman Taverner , at length we came to this conclusion that the minister allowing: 24li. per annum and my uncle my diet of 10li. and the Town. 10li. more I would come over to them. home he came made up my propositions and came over for me. Friday. Sept: 25: I went my journey: 26. at London we met the joyful news of this Parliament that is now sitting. 1644. and god long continue for his glory, and his Churches good. I was first contracted to my Dear wife at Cranham I waited. 3. weeks for their Minister, he coming over, we concluded: so as I sent a wagon for my stuff and came to Olny and married Wednesday. Octob. 28. 4. years after my fathers death. and Monday Following we began our journey and Nov. 4. came safe to Cranham. returning I thought of my thoughts at Huntingdon Bridge, and god had brought me back, increased with wife goods and parts, lo this was the Lords doing it was marvellous towards me.