Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1642 (1642)

document 70000050

June I rode to my fathers left my wife there came home by Deane, and June 28. I rode to olny in a day. my father came home with us, who was much affected with Colne and delighted to be with us until his death, July. we rode to my Lady Dennies , and then I began to have some hopes of my(.) wifes breeding which proved so indeed to our great joy and comfort, blessed be the name of the Lord. returning I applied myself that summer to hasten the completing the House fit for our winter dwelling, which being in some measure affected October.20: with a maid Sarah Browne to whom we gave 1li.18. per annum, we came up to our own house in the high street, no neighbour came to welcome us to our house but Mrs Cousins with 2 from Gaynes Colne and Mrs King and her son and daughter one night: I esteemed it some disrespect and unkindness but such expressions I perceive now are not so much used in our town as in others.

This Michaelmas upon an order of the House of Commons to that purpose we took down all [images] and pictures and such like glasses: thus this winter passed away a time of hopes, and yet sometimes fears, but the King being returned out of Scotland. Jan: 5. 1641: he attempted the house of Commons in case of the 5 members; but being disappointed he packed away from the house and came to them not to this hour: Aug.8: 1644: and in Feb: following the Q went over beyond seas: [1642:] thus spinning out my time I began a little to be troubled with some in matter of separation: My wife now growing big and ill my mother came from Olny to us upon a Tuesday lecture day April: 12: after sermon having waited upon god in his house, my wife called her women and god was merciful to me in my house April: (21st) was baptised by the name of Mary : Mr Rich: Harlakenden : Mr John Litle ; Mrs Mary Mildmay and my wife's mother being witnesses. In entertained my neighbours all about it cost me 6li. and 13s.4d. at least: they showed much love to me from all parts: god blessed my wife to be a nurse. and our child thrived, and was even then a pleasant comfort to us: god wash it from it corruption and sanctify it and make it his own: but it pleased god my wife's breasts were sore which was a grievous and sad cut to her but with use of means in some distance of time they healed up: this Spring times grew fearful in the rising of the year about Midsummer we began to raise private arms: I found a musket for my part and the King was beginning to raise an army. The Parliament did the Like: Aug: 1: we met at Colchester to underwrite, where for my part for my affection to god and his gospel having endeavoured public promoting it beyond my estate I underwrote and paid in to Mr Crane . 10li. but my Rings wanted something so it fell short night 3s. being at London I provided for myself Sword. Halbert. Powder and Match, the drums now also began to beat up for my part I endeavoured to encourage others to go forth, our poor people in Tumults arose and plundered divers Houses papists and others and threatened to go further which I endeavoured to suppress by public and private means: Edgehill battle being fought Wednesday following being the fast day I was told the news as I was going down the churchyard to sermon. the time and place hinted the answer of our prayers on the Lords day being the day and the time of battle, when I was earnest with god for mercy upon us against our enemies: Upon this the country was raised and I for my part sent a man out with a months pay. but he returned presently but spent the most of my money.