Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1643 (1643)

document 70000055

[1643] In spring now my wife weaned her daughter and began to breed again; god gave us both our health in a greater measure than I had had before or my wife of late days. I should have mentioned our associating in which service I underwrote a whole arms, they went out to our great charge, and did little or no good. I began now to find my means grow scant, that notwithstanding all our industry and good husbandry and many gifts that I could have but little upon which I gave notice to the Town to prevent it that I might not be forced to leave them, June: 10. 1643 my wife's father died: the Lord prepare us for our latter ends. and gave us mercy with him through Jesus christ: New Towns came to me to remain Fordham: Thaxted: and. I went and preached with the last but would not accept the sequestration. In July upon occasion of a plot to betray the City there was another new covenant propounded and began to be pressed. I took it but the state let it fall, things were now sad with Waller routed, and Fairfax and Bristol lost, and Hull like to be betrayed, the City divided: Essex's army also came to nothing but god remembered us in our low estate, August: 2: being Wed: I was taken very ill with a quotidian ague I had 3 fits, the physician told me I would have one harsh one more but on Friday night seeking god for my health that if it pleased him I might still go on in my calling; I was strangely persuaded I should have no more fits neither had I: lord let me never forget your goodness: but let me the Lord because he has heard my cry answered my request.

My Town also rather than I should go from them, seeing some likelihood of the same, agreed to raise me for that year. 10li. more which was paid in with about perhaps: 10s. less. But now I laid down my Lecture which I had kept until this day.