Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

29.3.1644, 4.1644 (Friday 29 March 1644)

document 70000085

[1644:] March: 29: keeping a day of Humiliation at my Lady Honywoods while we were praying god was making Waller victorious over Hopton , near Alsford; and turned back the forces of Rupert that we feared would have come on after they had routed our forces at Newarke, [oh] the sons of Jacob never seek the Lord in vain: Going in April, to Cranham I was taken ill with a cold which sadly afflicted me for about 3 weeks, but god delivered me, and gave me more health, and cheerfulness and content in himself, wife, children, his ways, my people than formerly; so that my earnest desire is still towards them.