Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

5.8.1644 (Monday 5 August 1644)

document 70000095

5. I have bought a part in a ship it cost me 14li.10s. god send me good speed with the same I have sent my part in a bag of hops to Sunderland, my sister Mary is come under my Roof as a servant, but my respect is and shall be towards her as a sister, god might have made me a waiter upon others, our former Maid Lydia Weston having dwelt with me 1. year and almost 3 quarters married into our Town, the first that married out of my family. the plague that arrow of death is sadly at Colchester, brought by a woman that came to visit her friends, there have already divers died; what a mercy of god is it to respite our Town Lord spare it, and let not our sins, our covetousness and pride of the poor in the plenty of their Dutch work cause thee to be angry with us, I heard from my Mother at Olny of her present health, and also of my sisters, the spotted fever is in town with them whereof divers have died Lord show thy mercy towards them and us in our preservation make us wife to number our latter ends that we may apply ourselves to true wisdom.