Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.8.1644 (Monday 19 August 1644)

document 70000105

Aug: 19: This week I heard from divers of my friends of their healthful condition, a great mercy, the Lord continue it and give a heart to use it to his glory: Aug:15. god called me to preach at Coggeshall, and enabled me with strength for the same, kept me going and returning; that day we buried two neighbours and afterwards had communion and godly conference with divers of my christian Neighbours and friends god was good to me in all my outward enjoyments, in wife, children, our health, in peace and plenty in actions and duties, good to me in enabling me for the Sabbath: And now Lord I bless thy Holy name in all thy love to me, pardon my great unworthiness, deadness, drowsiness of spirit, the sins of all my duties, neglects, my unevenness in any particular towards thee my family, people, country, sanctify me, and in christ accept me.