Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

6.10.1644 (Sunday 6 October 1644)

document 70000255

October. 6. This week the Lord good to me and mine in our peace, plenty, health in all outward mercies and favours, the Lord kept me in his fear, watched over me in divers journeys and actions yet was I negligent in duties towards him: this day I published and exhorted subscriptions for Sir Will: Bretheton that noble Cheshire Gentlemen: I cannot bless god over all people only indeed a few contributed those that did, did it voluntarily, god good to me in helping me through the work of the day, giving me a heart to cast in my mite Lord pardon my sins and sanctify me, enable me to live this week better than ever.

I now gave over to gather my quarters myself, I left that work to the Town; divers brought up their quarters for their own particulars, but I would not receive them. I do not perceive the town intends to stir in it; gods will be done I am content./