Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

7.10.1644 (Monday 7 October 1644)

document 70000260

Oct: 7: In the morning I went out and god gave me more than the day before I laid out in the public(,) I never found I lost anything by employing myself that way but god sent me in more by my friends beside the comfort in my conscience to have done in his cause(,) I went up to Goodman Bridges and bought his hops at an easy rate. I was used there kindly. when I came home Stissted men were with me about their reference to Mr Boroughs and myself, whether Mr Archer and Mr Templer had the clearer call to their Town. I found god had graciously kept my daughter Mary who was struck with a Horse her apron rent off with his nails. and her handkerchief rent and yet she had no hurt, many thought she had been spoiled. The Lord he appoints his angels to keep his from hurt. Lord keep her for yours and let us never forget the same, goodwife Bridge broke her kneepan with a little fall upon her knee: