Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

17.11.1644 (Sunday 17 November 1644)

document 70000400

November: 17: This week god exercised me and my family with some illness. yet for my part: god was pleased speedily to remove it, and so in great part my wives , only a faintness continues with her. my left eyelid at one corner works and twinkles very much, I hope my god will preserve my sight safe to me, my children both ill with colds, yet cheerily. there is a sweet mixture of mercy and goodness in all gods ways to us,

the Lord good in my peace and plenty in the work of the Sabbath his assistance, Lord bless my poor endeavours to the people for god. fit me for my place and accept of me in discharge of the same, pardon my sins be my god in covenant and the god of my seed.