Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

15.9.1646 (Tuesday 15 September 1646)

document 70001895

15: Rode to Chappell with Mr Harlakenden and Mr Nevill to settle businesses between them and the sisters, I bless god I brought them to a fair end and gave them all content, Mr Nevill promised to allow to his sister Mrs Mary . 1li. quarterly to help maintain his sisters(,) we came home safe, praise to god. my endeavours acceptable to them all, and above all I know it is an acceptable service unto god to continue peace and concord among brethren.

A marvellous wet season winter coming on very early, a great hop year, wheat this year was exceedingly smitten and dwindled and lank, especially on strong grounds, all manner of meats excessively dear, beef at cheapest 2d. per lb. butter and cheese very dear and yet it was a very rich grass year.-