Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

24.10.1646 (Saturday 24 October 1646)

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24: received a letter from Mr Harrington that my money was ready and that I should have it when I sent for it, for which I bless god, at night I heard by Major Haynes that our ship wherein my part was about 18li. was cast away, three men drowned, but the merchants saved their goods, this was the first frown upon my estate from my first being of age, it is the Lord let him do what pleases him; if I can upon the sense hereof be more faithful in my place, watchful over my ways and vain thoughts, I shall have cause to rejoice; the Master of the ship owes me above 6li. for hops, which I doubt will come in heavily: god has given me, if he take away shall I not bless him. shall we receive good and not evil, yes and in every condition be content and bless his name. This is but a loss of worldly things, to have been overtaken with sin against my god has cut my heart, but this I value not so as to be troubled.

A wonderful sad wet season, much corn in many places abroad, rotted and spoiled in the fields, grass exceedingly trodden under foot and spoiled by cattle through the set which has continued almost since the Assizes, work very dead, wool risen to 16d. in the pound and upwards, butter and cheese, and meat very dear, and corn rising(.) little corn sown, and a very sad season still continued, great divisions and fears of our utter ruin in the kingdom. the Lord only is able to help, help for in vain is all other help and assistance,