Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

15.11.1646 (Sunday 15 November 1646)

document 70002055

Nov: 15. The wet season continued, so did my cold, it was long but moderate my wheezing even a little abated glory be given unto god, the Lord make me to gain him my health and strength under all my bodily weaknesses, it is very observable that all this time my colds neither hindered my studies nor preaching, nor sleep nor stomach, as god enabled me for his work so my body was serviceable to my own comfort, the Lord was gracious to me in the health and preservation of the rest of my family good in the towardly disposition of my daughter , giving her an aptness to her book the Lord make me wise to train her in his fear: my little daughter Jane began to go alone: god was good to me in the Sabbath, in enabling me for the duties of the day, the Lord accept me, and forgive my failings.