Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

29.11.1646 (Sunday 29 November 1646)

document 70002100

Nov: 29: This week the wet continued, when god once breaks the course of nature, we and our reason is silenced: we hoped upon the changes of the moon, fair starlight, and frosty evenings, this wind and that, but god in his time can send seasonable days, and provide for the seed and corn to thrive, he can provide against next year, food and clothing, oh that I could learn to depend on him and live by faith. My cold continued, but very gentle to god be praised, an exceeding pain in my side. god good to me and my family in outward mercies, in a heart sensible of my infirmities, there is healing in my god, I see it, nay you will heal me: the lord gracious in the work of the day(,) word, duties and exercises thereof. in society of divers honest neighbours at Goodman Mathewes . where speaking concerning our intermission of the Lords Supper, I told them that perhaps some feared offending people in point of my maintenance they would deny me my stipend, I told them for my part loving his ordinance, and to pursue the enjoying of it by scripture rules, I would willingly trust god with my means and would not have them intermit for that: and this I may do and trust god who in his way will provide, the Lord in mercy pardon my failings and accept(.)