Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.1.1647 (Sunday 10 January 1647)

document 70002230

Jan: 10: This week continued dry, and very warm for the time of the year, it rained on the 9. corn thrived this open weather, men still sowed, my cold through mercy exceedingly abated, so that I have little or no mention of the same, god was this week merciful to us in our health, and preservation and outward mercies, my son had two fits of an ague but no more, the lord good in preserving in and from divers temptations, oh make me humble and watchful, good in his day, and word, and in helping me in the same, the Lord, accept and be merciful to me.

About Mr Faulconers business:

I distinctly remember that Mr Faulconer sold to Goodman Taller of Aldham a portion of tithes which he had in lease from Sir Robert Quarles which anciently did belong to the priory ; he was to receive 10li. presently, and 10li. at the making of the deed, or setting over his right as Council should advise and that within a short time,

Now whereas Mr Faulconer said that Mr Harlakenden was to arrest him that so he might receive something from Sir Robert Quarles heir: I remember no such agreement in my presence but this I remember that Mr Faulconer giving in bond to redeliver the deeds to Goodman Taller , was to have the use of them if he could thereby make any advantage against the heir of Quarles :

And whereas Mr Faulconer said he was to make neither bond or promise. I remember no such condition agreed unto: only thus much that he was only to set over his own right, and to be at no further charge.