Name Index - Thos Joselin (J140)

Appears in the text as:
Monday 30 December 1643Diary of Ralph Josselin70000080
Sunday 14 January 1644Baptism register 1640 to 16496801428
Friday 11 October 1644Diary of Ralph Josselin70000270
Sunday 27 October 1644Diary of Ralph Josselin70000320
Monday 28 October 1644Diary of Ralph Josselin70000325
Wednesday 13 November 1644Diary of Ralph Josselin70000390
Sunday 24 November 1644Diary of Ralph Josselin70000410
Tuesday 1 December 1644Diary of Ralph Josselin70000425
Sunday 6 December 1644Diary of Ralph Josselin70000435
Monday 28 December 1644Diary of Ralph Josselin70000485
Thursday 30 January 1645Diary of Ralph Josselin70000570
Friday 7 February 1645Diary of Ralph Josselin70000595
Sunday 9 February 1645Diary of Ralph Josselin70000600
Monday 30 June 1645Diary of Ralph Josselin70000905
Thursday 23 October 1645Diary of Ralph Josselin70001170
Sunday 26 October 1645Diary of Ralph Josselin70001180
Sunday 2 November 1645Diary of Ralph Josselin70001200
Sunday 9 November 1645Diary of Ralph Josselin70001220
Sunday 16 November 1645Diary of Ralph Josselin70001235
Tuesday 21 December 1645Diary of Ralph Josselin70001290
Friday 30 January 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001365
Wednesday 11 March 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001470
Tuesday 24 March 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001495
Wednesday 1 April 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001515
Friday 17 July 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001730
Monday 3 August 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001785
Sunday 9 August 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001805
Sunday 16 August 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001820
Sunday 23 August 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001825
Monday 24 August 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001830
Friday 28 August 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001850
Sunday 30 August 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001855
Monday 31 August 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001860
Sunday 6 September 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70001870
Friday 27 November 1646Diary of Ralph Josselin70002090
Sunday 10 January 1647Diary of Ralph Josselin70002230
Friday 16 April 1647Diary of Ralph Josselin70002465
Sunday 20 February 1648Diary of Ralph Josselin70003100
Sunday 14 January 1649Diary of Ralph Josselin70003825
Thursday 12 July 1649Diary of Ralph Josselin70004225
Wednesday 18 July 1649Diary of Ralph Josselin70004245
Thursday 1 November 1649Diary of Ralph Josselin70004505
Sunday 25 November 1649Diary of Ralph Josselin70004525
Monday 1 December 1649Diary of Ralph Josselin70004530
1650Colne Priory Manor: Fine Book23700978
Sunday 3 February 1650Diary of Ralph Josselin70004640
Friday 1 March 1650Diary of Ralph Josselin70004710
Tuesday 5 March 1650Diary of Ralph Josselin70004730
Sunday 28 April 1650Diary of Ralph Josselin70004865
Sunday 23 June 1650Diary of Ralph Josselin70005005
Thursday 18 July 1650Diary of Ralph Josselin70005065
Tuesday 23 July 1650Diary of Ralph Josselin70005075
Wednesday 24 July 1650Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls34800555
Sunday 11 August 1650Diary of Ralph Josselin70005125
Sunday 22 September 1650Diary of Ralph Josselin70005220
Thursday 9 January 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005435
Friday 10 January 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005440
Saturday 11 January 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005445
Monday 13 January 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005455
Wednesday 15 January 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005460
Friday 17 January 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005470
Sunday 19 January 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005475
Sunday 9 February 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005520
Sunday 16 February 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005535
Monday 19 May 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005740
Sunday 6 July 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70005835
Sunday 2 November 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70006120
Sunday 9 November 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70006125
Sunday 16 November 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70006135
Wednesday 1 December 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70006185
Friday 31 December 1651Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls34801190
Sunday 28 March 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006450
Sunday 4 April 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006480
Sunday 4 July 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006650
Thursday 22 July 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006685
Sunday 25 July 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006695
Friday 30 July 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006700
Sunday 1 August 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006705
Sunday 8 August 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006710
Friday 29 October 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006855
Sunday 11 June 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70007975
Sunday 8 December 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70008320
Tuesday 17 December 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70008340
Saturday 3 February 1655Diary of Ralph Josselin70008405
Saturday 21 February 1657Diary of Ralph Josselin70010010
Wednesday 4 November 1657Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls35000046
Sunday 15 November 1657Diary of Ralph Josselin70010605
Friday 9 December 1657Diary of Ralph Josselin70010670
Sunday 21 February 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70010860
Friday 26 March 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70010925
Sunday 6 June 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70011085
Sunday 31 October 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70011345
Saturday 13 November 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70011370
Sunday 3 December 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70011395
Friday 8 December 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70011405
1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70020775
Wednesday 5 January 1659Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls35100056
Saturday 9 April 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011675
Thursday 21 April 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011690
Monday 16 May 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011760
Sunday 22 May 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011775
Tuesday 24 May 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011780
Wednesday 25 May 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011785
Sunday 29 May 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011790
Friday 10 June 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011815
Saturday 11 June 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011820
Sunday 12 June 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011825
Tuesday 14 June 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011830
Wednesday 15 June 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011835
Thursday 16 June 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011840
Sunday 26 June 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011855
Monday 27 June 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011860
Sunday 10 July 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011890
Sunday 17 July 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70011900
Monday 10 October 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012035
Thursday 20 October 1659Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls35101060
Sunday 30 October 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012065
Thursday 3 November 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012070
Saturday 5 November 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012075
Tuesday 8 November 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012085
Thursday 10 November 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012090
Sunday 20 November 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012100
Saturday 26 November 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012110
Tuesday 4 December 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012125
Tuesday 11 December 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012135
Wednesday 12 December 1659Diary of Ralph Josselin70012140
Sunday 15 January 1660Diary of Ralph Josselin70012200
Saturday 28 January 1660Diary of Ralph Josselin70012250
Sunday 12 February 1660Diary of Ralph Josselin70012285
Saturday 18 February 1660Diary of Ralph Josselin70012300
Saturday 14 April 1660Diary of Ralph Josselin70012385
Tuesday 30 December 1660Diary of Ralph Josselin70012850
Saturday 13 July 1661Diary of Ralph Josselin70013145
Sunday 29 September 1661Diary of Ralph Josselin70013240
Wednesday 8 January 1662Diary of Ralph Josselin70013315
Saturday 11 January 1662Diary of Ralph Josselin70013320
Saturday 18 January 1662Diary of Ralph Josselin70013330
Sunday 9 March 1662Diary of Ralph Josselin70013400
Saturday 15 March 1662Diary of Ralph Josselin70013410
Sunday 16 March 1662Diary of Ralph Josselin70013415
Thursday 3 April 1662Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls35200490
Sunday 20 April 1662Diary of Ralph Josselin70013460
Sunday 19 July 1663Diary of Ralph Josselin70013940
Saturday 25 July 1663Diary of Ralph Josselin70013945
Sunday 2 August 1663Diary of Ralph Josselin70013955
1664Colne Priory Manor: Fine Book23800272
Saturday 12 March 1664Diary of Ralph Josselin70014215
Saturday 19 March 1664Diary of Ralph Josselin70014225
Sunday 27 March 1664Diary of Ralph Josselin70014245
Wednesday 13 July 1664Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls35300507
Diary of Ralph Josselin70014360
Saturday 16 July 1664Diary of Ralph Josselin70014365
Sunday 4 June 1665Diary of Ralph Josselin70014780
Sunday 25 June 1665Diary of Ralph Josselin70014795
Sunday 2 July 1665Diary of Ralph Josselin70014800
Wednesday 31 January 1666Diary of Ralph Josselin70015015
Sunday 19 August 1666Diary of Ralph Josselin70015230
Wednesday 12 September 1666Diary of Ralph Josselin70015255
Saturday 27 October 1666Diary of Ralph Josselin70015300
Sunday 4 November 1666Diary of Ralph Josselin70015315
Monday 5 November 1666Diary of Ralph Josselin70015320
Monday 19 November 1666Diary of Ralph Josselin70015345
Sunday 25 November 1666Diary of Ralph Josselin70015350
Thursday 3 January 1667Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls35300843 35301309
Sunday 31 March 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015470
Sunday 2 June 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015510
Monday 16 September 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015595
Sunday 13 October 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015625
Wednesday 1 January 1668Diary of Ralph Josselin70015700
Sunday 3 May 1668Diary of Ralph Josselin70015805
Friday 23 April 1669Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls35400659 35400844 35400909 35401019
Monday 11 December 1669Diary of Ralph Josselin70016285
Tuesday 12 December 1669Diary of Ralph Josselin70016290
Sunday 13 March 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016385
Monday 14 March 1670Assize Indictments14200152
Wednesday 16 March 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016390
Sunday 2 October 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016555
Tuesday 4 October 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016560
Thursday 6 October 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016565
Sunday 23 October 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016590
Friday 4 November 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016605
Tuesday 25 December 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016650
Sunday 1 January 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016655
Tuesday 10 January 1671Wills4700150
Thursday 6 April 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016735
Sunday 4 June 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016765
Sunday 9 July 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016780
Sunday 2 June 1672Diary of Ralph Josselin70017000
Sunday 8 September 1672Diary of Ralph Josselin70017065
Sunday 27 October 1672Diary of Ralph Josselin70017105
1673Colne Priory Manor: Fine Book23800908
Saturday 22 March 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017155
Sunday 6 April 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017165
Sunday 15 June 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017180
Tuesday 17 June 1673Burial register 1616 to 16798301673
Diary of Ralph Josselin70017185
Thursday 31 July 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017205
Thursday 16 October 1673Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls35501103
Friday 17 October 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017295
1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70021185
Wednesday 26 March 1690Colne Priory Manor: Index of Admissions35900267
Friday 20 June 1690Wills5100005
Tuesday 31 March 1691Colne Priory Manor: Index of Admissions35900386