Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

27.3.1664 (Sunday 27 March 1664)

document 70014245


March. 27: Cold but good weather, god be praised, the lord abundant in his goodness towards us, a cheerful Sabbath, god good in the word, his goodness, christ, pardon(,) presence sweet to my soul. lord quicken my heart to walk with thee

When I come to review the ways of god towards me in the year past, I find it mercy and truth, he still smiles on us, he has added a little Rebekah to our number and the rest grow up. my public liberty strangely continued to me, and people, I have purchased this year a close cost 28li. for my son Thomas , my receipts more than expenses by 8li. received. 168li.18s.4d. laid out. 160li.13s.2d. my stock as good as last spring. my debts were than due to me 20li. more than now. so that I have saved clearly about 8li. and my building which was at least 40li. now I have about 15li. in money and my tenants owe me. 70li. blessed been god