Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

3.2.1655 (Saturday 3 February 1655)

document 70008405

Feb: 3: I came up to give some poor men 2d. my wife told me, she saw, a curious building in the heavens towards North, out of it came men and presently an innumerable company of horsemen marching in rank towards the South, leaving a path, - presently 3. marched in rank wonderfully swift and low, as if they were she thought marking angels; in the North a smoke and fire great way off, and drums very loud, and presently all whist and quiet; they marched over my house, and she thought they were red. - or else destroyed angels. he in the middle was girt, (the others attended in plain habits) garment reddish, so all horses, and building on the earth, and together.

is this. the 2d woe. Rev: 9. - or the Jews issuing out of the earth. - or the army in d. oh lord so blind are we, that we can make nothing of prophesies, visions, nor providences so as to find out directly what god is doing - yet I bless thee for what you let me see and hear and read. through mercy I escaped the danger of a horse kicking at me.

Tom dreamed he saw a wonderful house in the air, very fine and shining like the inside of oyster shells a great man as big as a house came out, with a great fire on his head, he came to the ground, the house was vanished to a snail, and he and sister crept on the ground like frogs.