Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

1.11.1649 (Thursday 1 November 1649)

document 70004505

[Thomas: ] Nov: 1: my boy is now lively, somewhat fuller of spirit, of a good memory, a good speller apt to learn, and attain the hardest words in his bible or accidence in which he reads, he was almost moped in his disposition, that he would not by any means be drawn to speak, I fear his Mrs severity was the cause of it: I bless god for his goodness towards him, and his sister mary , and Jane , who are hopeful and promising buds. this day we kept a public thanksgiving for the success against Tredah, and before we heard the great news of the taking Wexford, and putting the garrison, and some say the inhabitants to the sword, we were kindly entertained at the priory by Mr Harlakenden .