Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.5.1651, 20.5.1651, 27.5.1651, 28.5.1651, 30.5.1651 (Monday 19 May 1651)

document 70005740

May: 19: set forward towards Olny. my wife son , and John Crowe . my sons horse was broken pasture, and on his way towards Cambridge. at Haverill we had company almost to our journeys end. where we came safe and well that night for which mercy I bless my god, 20: we set out towards olny. my wife had a fall. but no hurt, the only hazard in all our journey. the child held out well. this night goodwife Potter died. we found our friends at Olney well. that week I continued there, and preached on the lords day on. 1 Tim. 1.13. there was in the town a great difference about their Minister another being presented by the Patron, and come down, but the lords day was quiet, wherein I took some pains: 27. my wife was very ill, so as on 28. I rode alone to Benyfield Lawne to see my mother and brother Jeremy and sister Betty . who live in Rokingham Forest I found them in health blessed be my god. 29. Jeremy and his wife came back with me to olny. 30: we parted from olny and came well to Cambridge and 31. we came safe home, the lord(s) mercy was very good to me in all my journey. I found all well and Mrs Harlakenden alive for which mercy I bless my gracious god,