Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

18.5.1651 (Sunday 18 May 1651)

document 70005735

May. 18: This week past the lord was good to us in the season, which was warm and dry all things very still and quiet in the nation, the lord yet lengthens out our peace, we heard of no great matters beyond the seas, nor of our forces in any place, but there are great expectations that a short time will produce very great actions. The lord was good to me and all mine in all our outward mercies, he alone is worthy of great praise, god good in sparing the lives of divers that are under the afflicting hand of god, the lord preserve them for his mercies sake, my poor spirit through mercy was not cloyed with folly as sometime it has been, neither indeed so full of sweetness as the mournings of others, and my mercies through gods grace might have raised up unto, yet I bless him, that he was in my bosom as an healing delight, god was good to me in the word preached, expounded Judges. 14. 15. chap(.) this night I took my leave of Goodee Potter , never to see her more in this life, this is a seal of my ministry, whom Christ has begotten by me, in this my soul desires to bless the lord Jesus. Mrs. Harlakenden finely cheerful, she sat up this day