Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.11.1666 (Monday 19 November 1666)

document 70015345

19: son set out for London. god enters his trade with difficulties, but he will command his loving kindness, and prosper him, and our souls shall bless his name.

[Estate] I have neglected by reason of wants to lay by of my estate for good uses as I once engaged(,) the nature of my estate is very much altered. but I resolve hence forward. to lay by the 10. shilling that comes in clearly of money for all ministerial dues. and the 20: shilling of rent. and for every quarter of corn I sell. 1s. and to divide this thus. 12s. or 20. for good uses to friends. and the 8s. to dispose to ease me in my own particulars for 10th visitations: books: etc. which are about. 40s. - and the 10. shilling profit of fatting cattle