Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

22.5.1659 (Sunday 22 May 1659)

document 70011775

May. 22: God good to us in our outward mercies, men gaze on this change, sectaries rejoice others gaze, even all are secure, the lord who knows whither things tend take care of his own, and be a reviving in the midst of us. our society roundly together at the lords table, the lord accept of us, and do us good. the lord is calling up my son Tom . to London, lord go you with him, and make him a blessing, and let him be a prosperous man for soul and body, lord this I hope and trust, say Amen, we pray thee. My dear Friend Mrs Harlakenden to whom god draws out the residue of my affection was at church with us, it was an addition to my comfort though it might be at present an increase of her sorrow and trouble.