Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

14.4.1660 (Saturday 14 April 1660)

document 70012385

Ap: 14: When I came to view my outward estate I find my lands as formerly, I have paid off divers great debts, put out my son Tom apprentice which cost me in money and clothes about 100li. I have done very much in repair and cost on my farms, and begun to stock one; I am now in debt as in my blue book 150li.4s.6d. I guess not 20s. more that I know of in the world, and there is owing to me. 314li.15s.0d. my stock is worth about 25li. in cows, hogs corn on the ground. so god enlarges my tedder daily, yearly. lord enlarge my heart for thee and thy service, and continue to bless me and mine indeed, and my soul shall praise thee.