Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25.3.1660, 26.3.1660, 27.3.1660, 29.3.1660, 3.4.1660, 7.4.1660, 10.4.1660 (Sunday 25 March 1660)

document 70012380

- 25. I preached twice, the minister desirous to leave all his work on me, and I very ready. god moved and startled people. they said those sermons would not be forgotten, god grant they be practised; 26: 27. we had but one Tenant with us, riding out into the meadow by Severn(,) Mrs H. resolved to return on Friday seeing there was no business. I prayed her patience and submission to gods will, at night one came to us with whom we could never agree, yet afterwards divers did to our very great satisfaction 29. I preached the Lecture I hope with some success as also April 1. twice. on Monday we kept the Court, very quietly, and 3 dispatched our business and returned to London April 7th. and so home to Colne April. 10th. praise to the name of my gracious god where I found all well and safe, for which my soul blesses him.