Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

15.3.1660, 16.3.1660, 18.3.1660, 20.3.1660, 21.3.1660, 24.3.1660 (Thursday 15 March 1660)

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Worcester journey.

15. Mrs Harlakenden and I. with her kinswoman and manservant, set out in her fathers coach for Wittam where we came safe, yet our ways excessively dirty. and our coach from London came into our inn before the return of the other, two mercies god afforded us, safety and protection on the road, conveniences and quiet at our inns, whither we came always in good time, no rain to trouble us but one day which I desire to acknowledge as gods great goodness: 16. we dined at Burntwood, that day afforded a providence not to be forgotten of me but esp. of Mrs H. we came early to London, and then to business, all which I dispatched at London not only to our content, but to our delight, but the weather was so stormy, that it was thought our journey was not to be performed. 18: I preached twice dined with the Lord Mayor. lord give a blessing to the word. 20th. a day that lighted my heart in its providence, though I apprehended hazard to me by cold. and I was in great danger at Stow to have been spoiled by the coach, yet god preserved me, and none of us took any considerable cold in the journey: our law trial put off, 21th. we set out for our journey our coachman encouraged by the stage coach for Worcester, we arrived at our journeys end March. 24th and found all well.