Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

8.12.1654 (Sunday 8 December 1654)

document 70008320

8. I thought by this day, England might hear of the intent of Blakes fleet, I heard. 7. it was before Naples, but this morning my son Tom. told me his wonderful dream. Jesus Christ in a white robe, came into my pulpit while preaching and hugged me, and I him. then he came to him and put his ink horn in his pocket, and carried him into the churchyard, and asked him, what he would have, Tom. said. a blessing: Jesus Christ bade him follow him, and mounted up to heaven, and he after them, next Jesus Christ, they ascended in shoals, none could go so fast as he, divers would have gone and Jesus Christ bade them go back and not follow him; when in heaven they were singing melodiously and praying all in white, Jesus Christ and the company passed through over a mountain and over the sea, and then on the land we fell a praying and could not see Jesus Christ. the devil came and made a burring, but presently Jesus Christ came, and drove him away and bade him get him behind his back Satan, then Christ returned the same way with his into heaven(,) all returning to earth but he, and his sister Mary would not let him come away; then Jesus Christ told him he must, and he saw him sit at the fathers right hand, which was wonderful then while in heaven, he thought there was terrible thunder, but he was not afraid, and there was he knew an earthquake below: I turned him to some texts like these passages, the lord do my child good by such things