Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

10.12.1654 (Tuesday 10 December 1654)

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Dec. 10. The Lord good to us in outward mercies, in preserving my house from fire by Johns boldness to endeavour a fire in the school, and my peoples carelessness; the ground and ways again very wet, the earth replenished with moisture, my heart yet dull in the lords work, I find great a sloth on my spirit in my particular work of preaching, in some other things my heart is let out - oh I bless god that weans my heart from the world, and makes me to choose christ my portion, and value him a goodly heritage

I had an apprehension I might be reserved to see the world turned into a wilderness, and christs coming and this I eyed as a mercy, but apprehending the excellency of the state of those that come with christ, my heart was in a strait whether I should not rather long to be dissolved, but this day I was satisfied as to the former, and desire to magnify the lord if he please so to order concerning me, Luke 21. v. 36: where this condition is held out as a signal mercy, and we are highly to strive to attain unto it.

The Little Horn, shall conquer Canaan out of the Turks hand and surely ruin the Turk for Christ takes his kingdom, and no question but Canaan a part. this is much that O.C. in a few years should achieve such things, and do not these Italian designs tend there unto. - this was in my thought, and written and presently I viewed with wonder, how Campanella reads that text. of Balaam. p. 10.