Name Index - John Joselin (J125)

Appears in the text as:
Friday 19 September 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70006030
Sunday 21 September 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70006035
Sunday 28 September 1651Baptism register 1650 to 16596900431
Diary of Ralph Josselin70006045
Friday 14 November 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70006130
Sunday 16 November 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70006135
Sunday 23 November 1651Diary of Ralph Josselin70006160
Wednesday 18 February 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006365
Sunday 22 February 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006375
Sunday 14 March 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006420
Sunday 21 March 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006435
Sunday 18 April 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006505
Sunday 25 April 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006510
Sunday 26 September 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006765
Sunday 21 November 1652Diary of Ralph Josselin70006895
Sunday 13 March 1653Diary of Ralph Josselin70007135
Sunday 3 April 1653Diary of Ralph Josselin70007195
Sunday 17 July 1653Diary of Ralph Josselin70007440
Saturday 30 July 1653Diary of Ralph Josselin70007465
Sunday 27 November 1653Diary of Ralph Josselin70007645
Tuesday 29 November 1653Diary of Ralph Josselin70007650
Tuesday 4 December 1653Diary of Ralph Josselin70007655
Tuesday 11 December 1653Diary of Ralph Josselin70007675
Sunday 26 February 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70007795
Sunday 5 March 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70007805
Sunday 12 March 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70007820
Sunday 19 March 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70007830
Tuesday 8 August 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70008100
Sunday 13 August 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70008110
Thursday 17 August 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70008120
Friday 1 September 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70008160
Tuesday 10 December 1654Diary of Ralph Josselin70008325
Sunday 21 January 1655Diary of Ralph Josselin70008380
Sunday 29 July 1655Diary of Ralph Josselin70008720
Monday 24 March 1656Diary of Ralph Josselin70009165
Saturday 20 September 1656Diary of Ralph Josselin70009650
Saturday 3 October 1657Diary of Ralph Josselin70010515
Sunday 21 February 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70010860
Monday 22 February 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70010865
Friday 19 March 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70010910
Sunday 11 July 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70011125
Friday 16 July 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70011145
Saturday 31 July 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70011170
Wednesday 4 August 1658Diary of Ralph Josselin70011180
Tuesday 14 April 1663Diary of Ralph Josselin70013835
Sunday 21 February 1664Diary of Ralph Josselin70014185
Monday 8 August 1664Diary of Ralph Josselin70014400
Sunday 14 August 1664Diary of Ralph Josselin70014410
Wednesday 9 January 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015395
Sunday 27 January 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015415
Monday 28 January 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015420
Sunday 3 February 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015425
Sunday 17 February 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015435
Thursday 28 February 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015445
Monday 14 October 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015630
Tuesday 8 December 1667Diary of Ralph Josselin70015670
Sunday 2 February 1668Diary of Ralph Josselin70015730
Sunday 3 May 1668Diary of Ralph Josselin70015805
Sunday 21 June 1668Diary of Ralph Josselin70015850
Sunday 11 October 1668Diary of Ralph Josselin70015945
Wednesday 14 October 1668Diary of Ralph Josselin70015950
Tuesday 10 November 1668Diary of Ralph Josselin70015985
Sunday 22 November 1668Diary of Ralph Josselin70015990
Sunday 14 March 1669Diary of Ralph Josselin70016025
Sunday 18 April 1669Diary of Ralph Josselin70016055
Sunday 25 April 1669Diary of Ralph Josselin70016060
Sunday 16 May 1669Diary of Ralph Josselin70016080
Sunday 2 January 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016300
Tuesday 4 January 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016305
Sunday 16 January 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016315
Saturday 22 January 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016325
Sunday 20 February 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016360
Saturday 21 May 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016460
Sunday 29 May 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016470
Sunday 12 June 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016475
Sunday 19 June 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016480
Sunday 3 July 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016490
Friday 15 July 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016500
Sunday 2 October 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016555
Sunday 9 October 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016575
Sunday 27 November 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016625
Tuesday 4 December 1670Diary of Ralph Josselin70016630
Thursday 19 January 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016670
Sunday 22 January 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016675
Saturday 4 February 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016690
Sunday 12 February 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016695
Sunday 19 February 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016700
Sunday 19 March 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016720
Sunday 2 April 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016730
Sunday 4 June 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016765
Monday 5 June 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016770
Sunday 9 July 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016780
Sunday 29 October 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016865
Sunday 5 November 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016870
Sunday 26 November 1671Diary of Ralph Josselin70016890
Sunday 11 August 1672Diary of Ralph Josselin70017040
Friday 16 August 1672Diary of Ralph Josselin70017045
Sunday 8 September 1672Diary of Ralph Josselin70017065
Sunday 15 September 1672Diary of Ralph Josselin70017070
Sunday 6 October 1672Diary of Ralph Josselin70017090
Sunday 27 July 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017200
Sunday 3 August 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017210
Sunday 5 October 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017285
Tuesday 28 October 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017315
Thursday 2 December 1673Diary of Ralph Josselin70017350
1674Freehold Titles32100214
Diary of Ralph Josselin70021185
Sunday 25 January 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017385
Monday 26 January 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017395
Sunday 8 February 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017410
Sunday 15 February 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017425
Sunday 22 March 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017470
Sunday 12 April 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017500
Sunday 10 May 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017545
Sunday 31 May 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017575
Sunday 7 June 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017580
Sunday 14 June 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017595
Saturday 20 June 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017605
Wednesday 30 September 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017740
Sunday 4 October 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017745
Friday 23 October 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017760
Thursday 15 December 1674Diary of Ralph Josselin70017815
Sunday 10 January 1675Diary of Ralph Josselin70017845
Sunday 24 January 1675Diary of Ralph Josselin70017855
Tuesday 25 May 1675Diary of Ralph Josselin70017965
Sunday 30 May 1675Diary of Ralph Josselin70017970
Sunday 6 June 1675Diary of Ralph Josselin70017980
Thursday 1 July 1675Diary of Ralph Josselin70018010
Thursday 25 November 1675Diary of Ralph Josselin70018110
Thursday 23 March 1676Diary of Ralph Josselin70018210
Sunday 23 April 1676Diary of Ralph Josselin70018240
Saturday 5 August 1676Diary of Ralph Josselin70018335
Sunday 15 October 1676Diary of Ralph Josselin70018425
Thursday 16 November 1676Diary of Ralph Josselin70018470
Sunday 26 November 1676Diary of Ralph Josselin70018485
Tuesday 3 December 1676Diary of Ralph Josselin70018490
Thursday 19 December 1676Diary of Ralph Josselin70018510
1677Diary of Ralph Josselin70021145
Wednesday 28 February 1677Diary of Ralph Josselin70018580
Sunday 15 July 1677Diary of Ralph Josselin70018720
Sunday 19 August 1677Diary of Ralph Josselin70018760
Sunday 2 September 1677Diary of Ralph Josselin70018780
Sunday 7 October 1677Diary of Ralph Josselin70018825
Sunday 18 November 1677Diary of Ralph Josselin70018870
Friday 23 November 1677Diary of Ralph Josselin70018875
Monday 1 December 1677Diary of Ralph Josselin70018885
Saturday 26 January 1678Diary of Ralph Josselin70018945
Sunday 26 January 1679Diary of Ralph Josselin70019380
Tuesday 25 February 1679Diary of Ralph Josselin70019425
Sunday 18 May 1679Diary of Ralph Josselin70019535
Saturday 9 August 1679Diary of Ralph Josselin70020800
Tuesday 12 August 1679Freeholders22100019
Tuesday 23 September 1679Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls39901012
Sunday 23 November 1679Diary of Ralph Josselin70019735
Monday 15 March 1680Wills4900160
Monday 1 November 1680Diary of Ralph Josselin70020020
Sunday 7 August 1681Diary of Ralph Josselin70020210
Sunday 16 October 1681Diary of Ralph Josselin70020260
Tuesday 11 December 1681Diary of Ralph Josselin70020320
Sunday 5 March 1682Diary of Ralph Josselin70020375
Sunday 14 May 1682Diary of Ralph Josselin70020415
Sunday 24 September 1682Diary of Ralph Josselin70020520
1683Colne Priory Manor: Fine Book23801595
Earls Colne Manor: Fine Book24300352
Thursday 3 May 1683Baptism register 1680 to 16997200846
Friday 1 June 1683Wills4901085
Wednesday 1 August 1683Wills4900973
Wednesday 20 February 1684Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls40100041 40100281 40100299
Thursday 20 March 1684Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls35800938 35800965 35801088 35801113 35801139
35801300 35801586
1685Colne Priory Manor: Fine Book23801721
Tuesday 9 March 1686Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls35801876
Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls40100562 40100725
Tuesday 20 April 1686Baptism register 1680 to 16997201489
Tuesday 3 August 1686Archdeaconry Visitations101105
Wednesday 28 November 1688Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls40100980
Monday 14 January 1689Baptism register 1680 to 16997202146
Tuesday 26 March 1689Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls40101550
Wednesday 26 March 1690Colne Priory Manor: Index of Admissions35900322 35900355
Friday 20 June 1690Wills5100005
1691Colne Priory Manor: Fine Book23801859
Earls Colne Manor: Fine Book24300767
Friday 20 March 1691Wills6400583
Tuesday 31 March 1691Colne Priory Manor: Index of Admissions35900386
Sunday 31 May 1691Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls40200494 40200586
Tuesday 18 April 1693Colne Priory Manor: Index of Admissions35901035
Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls40201439
Monday 31 May 1714Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls36200344
Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls41100433
Saturday 17 July 1714Wills5600049
Thursday 29 March 1716Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls36200717
Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls41200107
1854Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory80000765