Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

25,5,1675, 26.5.1675 (Tuesday 25 May 1675)

document 70017965

25. 26. Very instrumental to bring on the match between Mr Marryon son of Braintree and Rose Abutt of Colne, their fathers seemed satisfied with me on both sides. god prosper it. I reflect on the providence of god to him in his children. with my afflictions. I cannot say you never bear rule over them. he is an untoward Quaker. but Lord I am yours and subscribe with my hand I am yours in Christ Jesus. I grudge not. I am not worthy what I enjoy - oh why is my son a shame of youth. my souls grief. and thy trouble, oh turn to me and be gracious, and stir up my heart and help me to win them