Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

19.3.1654 (Sunday 19 March 1654)

document 70007830

March: 19. The Lord good to me and all mine in many outward mercies, my John well again, and my wife cheerful; one Webs wife had sad labour and the child dead. god merciful in mine(.) our two cows calved well, all is the lords mercy; my heart is some measure made empty and vile and nothing, but finds no filling, oh when shall I see thee, as thy saints have seen thee(.) my spirit very inquisitive after the providences of god on foot, wherein for my part I desire no worldly advantage, only might I see an upright heart given me always to keep close to the lord; I am not without gods encouragements herein: the sermons this day and the former I hope I shall remember. I know gods counsel it will stand and take its due effect.