Diary of Ralph Josselin (Private Collection)

30.7.1653 (Saturday 30 July 1653)

document 70007465

30: received a letter from my uncle Josselin heard of their welfare wherein I rejoice, called up this morning to hear the thumping, thundering Cannon, which filled into country houses, and our beds with the dreadful noise, I have not ever heard the like shooting in my life, it is no question a terrible sea fight near our doors between the Hollander and us, the lord is our hope in all our straits, This week my Jane , and John very ill, god soon revived them, wherein I bless his most holy name, to all the rest of us god afforded refreshing health, these latter days goodly harvest weather, and men follow their work very closely. I bless the lord who disposed my heart with more diligence to attend to and prepare for the Sabbath, the lord spiritualise me more, and more and let his spirit and presence be more and more in me, the roaring Cannon sounded till night, the wind high hindered our hearing of them very much, god give a good issue to England in this engagement.